Documentation: field_compare default etc

It appears that field_compare defaults to equal.

If that is accurate, it would be worth noting in the documentation

It currently says Comparison operator: equal, not, more_than, less_than, ..

I’m not sure what two dots means (2/3 of an ellipsis) but is it possible to do contains?

Also, it would be nice to see an example on that page e.g.

<Loop type=dogs field=name field_value=retreiver field_compare=equals sort_field=name sort_order=asc >

Finally, it might be nice for your Discourse to have a category for Documentation and UI so comments could be separate from questions

Cheers, Richard

Hi Richard,

I improved the documentation for field_compare, with a link to the full list of available operators in If tag: Common comparisons.

There’s one called includes, which is probably what you’re looking for.

I agree the Loop Query page could use more examples, I’ve made a note of it.

As for adding (sub)category for Documentation and UI, it might be simpler to use tags for organizational purpose. In any case, ideas for examples, feature requests, and other suggestions are welcome!