Possible Bug with Query Monitor Plugin?

Hi Stefan, I had a dev look into your issue with WP Grid Builder and they were able to confirm that the reason this wasn’t working for you and you needed to use the workaround of passing the post ID to L&L is because WP Grid Builder doesn’t use the global wp_query system that’s standard in WordPress and that system is what L&L expects when establishing its loop context.

We haven’t had a chance to properly document this yet, but I wanted to let you know that in the latest version of Loops & Logic (3.1.3) there’s a new integration for WP Grid Builder that add the ability to select a template to add to your grid. This will be added to the docs shortly but for now, you can check out this thread for more info.

If you haven’t reviewed the plugin on the WP repo already, hopefully this new feature we added for you is worth a five-star rating :slight_smile: