Using L&L with Search and Filter Pro

Hi @eliot,

In implementing your last solution, I notice that only the title of the page is displayed and not the list of blog posts specified in the general settings.

Image showing embedded page results - Embedded on the About page for testing

Image showing S&F general settings applied - In this case, only blog post selected

Not sure what the final solution will look like, but I am wondering: Without specifying the type or other query arguments within the loop code, do you think the solution will allow us to create filters that might be dependent on a pro addon, for example LearnDash? Let’s say I want to filter courses based on the access_type or completion_status? Or is that out of the scope?

@Tangibleinc I had a look at the FacetWP, but I wasn’t sure exactly which parts might need the tweaking for S&F pro.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with :slight_smile: