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Where can I find out more about setting up the Block Category for Gutenberg and Elementor?

The documentation says
To create a block, go to the admin menu Tangible → Blocks, and click “Add New”.

But there is no block post type under Tangibles, only Templates, Styles, Scripts & Layouts.

Any guidance is appreciated. Cannot find any relevant documentation.


Hey @markofapproval, I wasn’t on the forum back when you wrote this, sorry you never got a reply. If you’re still curious about that, you can sign up for the beta for Tangible Blocks which is the plugin that adds that block post type and allows you to build universal blocks using L&L markup.

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No worries, Benjamin. I got an email notifying me of your reply now so all good! Thanks for the info on the Beta thing.

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Hey folks,

Tried to sign-up for your Beta on Tangibe Blocks, but I do not get a confirmation email.