ACF custom Field Formatting

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is the right place to ask regarding my issues, apologies if it isn’t.

I have a script which runs and adds content to via a webhook in Gravity Forms. I then display this content in my WP site using a Tangible template.

My advanced custom field is called wcrm_tickets_email_plain which is a WYSIWYG type.

I use the below code to display this…

When I view this my wcrm_tickets_email_plain value on the frontend does not show with line breaks. If I then go in to the ticket post and press Update without editing anything and I view it again on the front end the line breaks are added.

Any ideas why it takes this extra step of Updating to add the line breaks?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @tom.collins, that’s an odd behaviour indeed. Would you be able to use this form to send me some login credentials to your site so that I could have a dev look into this? It would be ideal if it were a staging site if possible.

Let me know if that’s doable.

Hi @benjamin,

Thanks, please bare with me and I will see what I can do, thank you.

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Hi @benjamin ,

Apologies for the delay, unfortunately with the data on the dev site I can’t share a dev account unless I can strip it down completely or if there is a user role I should set for the account?

PS I just noticed I didn’t paste the code I’m using above.

Field acf_editor=wcrm_tickets_email_plain />

I’m thinking when I send the content over in Gravity Forms webhook maybe I need to add some line breaks to the content being sent over, even though it display fine when it gets in to WP maybe that will stop the need to update.

Sorry thinking out loud, Let me know the best way of setting up an account for you to see if possible.


If there’s private data on the site then no worries. The fact that your data seems to output correctly when you update the post seems to suggest that the issue lies somewhere between your script/webhook and the WP database itself. Nothing would change on the L&L side of things when you update a post, so my gut feeling would be that this isn’t an L&L issue. I’m not really sure how to troubleshoot this but I think you’ve got the right idea about testing adding line breaks through Gravity Forms to see if that solves things.

I found this during a quick Google, maybe that’s a lead to look into. This add-on might also do something for you.

Thank you very much @benjamin I think you may be right there, I will have a look into that and report back.