Acf_repeater is not working with 4.1.0

just updated the plugin on a development website: no outputs on differnet templates with acf_repater fields. When downgrade the plugin all contents are visible again.

I was able to replicate this so I’ve reported the issue on Github.

This (and the ACF date one) is a critical issue that have broke many live websites on my side. Why did you not test it before releasing the last version ? I love L&L but this is not the first time this kind of situation happens. Could you please change the way you test new code evolution before pushing a new release of the plugin on the Wordpress directory ?
The impacts are really huge on my side. thank you

@bikloz I totally agree with you, it seems that there were some pretty core oversights in this release. Balancing our investment into this product is tricky given that we’re giving it away for free, but we certainly need more unit tests to catch these issues before they’re released.

The issues you mentioned seem pretty core to the functionality of the plugin so addressing those will definitely be prioritized.

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It’s a bit problematic when you have people building business solutions with L&L though.

You could get a pro version out and start using those proceeds to improve the plugin and QA process.


Totally agree. I like the plugin and your work so much that I would be willing to pay for it but I am not sure that this is enough to fundamentally change the organization and the testing and deployment processes. L&L has become an integral part of my business so well done and I deeply grateful but please be careful. Let us know how we can help. Best regards friends :slight_smile:


Just following up here to let the three of you know that version 4.1.1 has fixed the repeater issue. Let me know if you notice anything else that’s amiss and we’ll tackle that asap!