ACF repeater order rows

Hi, how can I sort rows of an ACF repeater based on a subfield value ?

This expression doesn’t work for now :

<Loop acf_repeater=field_name orderby_field=subfield order=desc>
 <Field subfield />

Thank you !

Hi Guillaume,

I haven’t tested it, but I think it could work using sort_field, documented here.

<Loop acf_repeater=field_name sort_field=subfield sort_order=desc>

If the field value is a number, you can try adding sort_type=number.

The difference between sort_field and orderby_field is that the latter is converted to a direct database query, which is limited to raw field values - which means most ACF field types are not supported, other than plain text values. In contrast, sort_field will sort the loop items after the database query, using the same function as the Field tag, which should work with ACF repeater field’s subfields.

Yes, it works. Thanks !

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