ACF WYSIWYG front end formatting

Working on a faculty / staff directory and I’ve noticed that my WYSIWYG field removes line breaks on the frontend. I’ve tried wrapping the line in p tags but line breaks still aren’t recognized. Thoughts? I ran across this ACF support post - perhaps this is part of the issue?

Forgot to mention that i’m working in the archive.php template of my custom post type. In the same ACF support post, someone said that for whatever reason single and page templates were not affected by this issue.


Sorry for the late reply about this question.

In Loops and Logic version 1.2.8, released just now, there’s an update to improve formatting of ACF “editor” field type (WYSIWYG).

It should work if you use the Field tag with acf_editor attribute, like below:

<Field acf_editor=field_name />

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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