An example of how to combine Elementor with L&L

Recently I rebuilt the backend of my website using Elementor and Loops and Logic. The main goal was to generate all the content using L&L and remove a variety of plugins that were making the site unmanageable. Another goal was to ensure the site structure was flexible and scalable for a future project I have in mind.

This turned out to be a massive job but I am happy with the result as the site looks better and runs faster. :slight_smile:

To assist anyone who might want to do similar, I’ve created a diagram that explains how I manage styles and templates using Elementor and L&L together.

Some notes:

  • I am not a developer but have been building WP sites for many years
  • The diagram is a simplification of my actual setup which is more complex

My thanks to the Tangible team for developing such a great plugin. :sunglasses: