Can't use Navigation menu from Full Site Editing theme in Tangible Template

I’m experimenting with an FSE theme and have created a menu in the Navigation section of the editor called “Site Menu”. I have tried to include this menu by name in a menu loop template like so <Loop type=menu menu="Site Menu"> but I get the following error on the front end:

Warning : foreach() argument must be of type array|object, bool given in [local site path]/app/public/wp-content/plugins/tangible-loops-and-logic/vendor/tangible/template-system/loop/types/menu/index.php on line 87

I guess the big question is, does Loops & Logic support Full Site Editing themes? If so, is there a new way that we should be calling Navigation menus in my L&L templates?

I think there’s a way to enable the classic Appearance > Menu section in an FSE theme as well, but I’m reluctant to do things like that at the risk of my theme being less future proof.

Hi @Beardmancer , Thanks for reporting the menu loop issue in FSE. Our team is already working on a fix, but it won’t be ready until the next release. We will try to update this as soon as its released.

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