Case sensitive search

Hi everyone,

I’m using the following to search a table, the search works perfectly fine except it is case sensitive, is there a way of changing this? At the moment If I search lower case the table will return results but if I search uppercase nothing is returned.


    <div class="tableSearch">
      <input type="text"  action="search"  columns="ticket_subject, ticket_id"   placeholder="Search">
    <Col name=ticket_info sort_type=string> </Col>
    <Col name=ticket_id sort_type=string>Ticket ID</Col>
    <Col name=ticket_subject sort_type=string>Subject</Col>
    <Col name=ticket_date sort_type=date>Date</Col>
    <Col name=ticket_requestor sort_type=string>Requestor</Col>
    <Col name=ticket_age sort_type=date>Age</Col>
   <!-- <Col value="{Field publish_date date_format=timestamp}"></Col>-->

Thanks for the feedback, I know that the Table tag is a somewhat experimental feature and there will eventually be work done that will improve the functionality of this tag, at which point it will be brought into the main documentation for L&L. I’ve added your suggestion as a feature request so it’s easier to keep track of.