Category custom field not showing

Loops and logic not able to show category custom fields added with Pods.
Using <Term />, also tried with loop and field tag.

Front end:

Back end:

Every plugin in the WordPress ecosystem is going to have its own way of storing data and while L&L is extremely flexible and allows working with a lot of the data that’s in the WordPress database, because of these differences in the way third-party plugins choose to set up their plugin, it’s impossible to guarantee that L&L will work perfectly with every single plugin out there. Official support for these plugins sometimes requires development on our part to integrate with them. Currently, L&L officially supports ACF and we haven’t built a Pods integration so there’s a chance that some more complex data types might not quite work as expected.

That being said, it seems based on your screenshot that the “Colors Name” field you’re working with seems like a simple text field. Even though we can’t realistically support using L&L with every WordPress plugin that exists (this is a free plugin, after all), I would expect it to work in this case since it’s such a simple kind of field. So I decided to try that out to see if I could get it to work on my end. I installed both Pods and ACF and created a custom taxonomy text field using both tools. I then added this data to one of my terms:

I then used a simple template to display those fields:

<Loop type=taxonomy_term taxonomy=category post=current>
  <p>Pods: <Field pods_taxonomy_field /></p>
  <p>ACF: <Field acf_taxonomy_field /></p>

And I was able to get all that data to appear on the front end:

Interestingly, I noticed that when I uninstalled ACF, the field value stopped getting displayed from Pods. I’m not sure what’s going on here because I know that L&L can be used to display data from third-party plugins even without ACF installed. Even though L&L doesn’t officially support Pods, it seems like there might be something that’s limiting Pods from working as expected unless ACF is installed for some reason. No idea whether that’s an issue with how Pods is built or if it’s an issue with L&L, but I’ll see if I can get a dev to investigate this to confirm where the issue lies and I’ll have someone follow up on this thread when we have more information.

Thanks for detailed reply. Will love to see this plugin compatibility update with pods.

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@benjamin Just following up on this, as I have a similar issue while working with a taxonomy custom field created with Meta Box, and I wanted to see if your solution worked.

Below is the template I created based on your example.

<Loop type=taxonomy_term taxonomy=investment-sector post=current>
  <Field acf_image=investment_hero_image field=url />

I am using this template as a shortcode in the Photo URL field of row settings in Beaver Builder. It works perfectly pulling in the URL of the image uploaded to the taxonomy.

But like you mentioned, when you disable ACF, the field value no longer displays the URL. Re-enabling ACF solves the issue. I’m happy to leave things as they are at the moment, but it would be nice to have native support for Meta Box custom fields if it wasn’t a massive task to implement.

@xtreamprince I just wanted to chime in on this thread to let you know that Pods fields on taxonomy terms are now supported in L&L version 3.3.0.

@craig, let me know if this fixes things with Meta Box too.