Comment fields and form display


I am wondering how I can create a template for comments, something like this with the Custom Content Shortcode plugin

[comments count=3 id=this]
  [comment] by [comment author] on [comment date]

Also a way to show [comment count] and [comment form]


Hey Dana, welcome to the forums! I know that the devs are working on revamping the docs and roadmap to make things a bit more clear, but from what I can see here, it looks like comment-related queries are the last remaining part of WordPress’s core content that’s yet to be added to L&L. So I assume that that will be possible at some point in the future with some kind of simple comment loop ( maybe <Loop type=comment count=3><Field comment /> by <Field author /> on <Field date /></Loop> or something like that depending on what the fields and attributes end up being called), but that functionality doesn’t currently work in L&L.

Maybe @eliot could speak to this. Eliot, are you expecting to add comment loops to L&L in the near future? If so, want to add that to the roadmap at

Hi Dana,

Thank you for the question. This feature doesn’t exist yet in L&L, but it’s on the roadmap. (Ben, I added it on Upvoty also, under “Comment loop type and fields”.)

It’s a fairly complex thing to build, so I hope it can be ready soon, maybe by the end of the month.


Thanks, much appreciated :raised_hands:

Just quickly jumping in on this to find out if there was work done on the comments.

Displaying the comment form is essentially a way that you can use L&L to display a form that will modify things on the database. Implementing it exactly the way it was back in the CCS days might be simple, but the long-term goal for L&L is to make it way more powerful than CCS could ever be so we want to make sure we’re approaching the display of comment forms in a way that will be compatible with other forms we hope to display n the long term. Obviously, there are some massive implications there, and while we’re making great progress on that behind the scenes, that is not something that’s likely to be released in the near future. It would technically be possible to implement this the CCS way, but we’re going slowly so that we can release this in a way that works more broadly without long-term plans for the L&L language.

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