Content "split" with search/replace

Custom Content Shortcode has a “split” feature to get different parts of a string based on the nth occurrence of a specified character. It would be nice to have the same option in Loops & Logic, but enhanced to:

  • Extract a substring, eg. [string, start, end]
  • Option to start selection from the start or end of the string, or nth character
  • Option to omit end of string (ie to the rest of the string)
  • Option to replace/concatonate substring with text
  • Regex option

I think there are some good examples in several programming languages to base this on, and make it as flexible as it can be in L&L.

I know this could be done in PHP, but not everyone is comfortable with it.

@eliot can provide more clarity on our plans and timeline for this feature.
Thanks for your suggestions for enhancements! :slight_smile:

I’m somewhat comfortable, but what would be the hook if I wanted to add_filter for L&L output so I could do a str_replace?

Cheers, Richard