Control Visibility in BB Module

Using the Block Editor, I wanted to use an If statement in my block. It works in Gutenberg, but in Beaver Builder, the conditional logic doesn’t apply. Does it not work in BB?

<Control type="select" name="event-image-stretch" label="Select Image Stretch" default="cover">
  <Map options>
    <Key cover>Cover</Key>
    <Key contain>Contain</Key>
<If control=event-image-stretch value=contain>
  <Control type="dimension" name="event-img-padding" label="Image Padding">
   <Key units>px</Key>

Odd, I just tested this with all the different controls and Beaver Builder seemed to react as expected for all of the except for the dimension control (which you used) and the gradient control. All other controls were correctly hidden when the conditional statement was false. I’ve reported it to the devs so I’ll follow up here when this is solved or when there’s an update.