CPT that's password protected

Here is an interesting scenario. We have a custom post type called quotes which is integrated with other APIs. Once a quote has been generated, the post is created and published (as a password protected post) with a unique password.

Can Loops and Logic grab that unique password that is generated? I want to be able to generate a generic message that includes the URL of the specific quote post and password so they can share with their clients.

Hi Patrick,

I don’t think you can solve this with L&L alone because you will first need to make the password available to L&L for presentation on the front end, and that’s not straightforward.

To avoid creating security issues for your website, you will need a secure and reliable way of temporarily getting the password from the database and providing it L&L to include in the generic message.

You may need a custom-coded PHP solution for this, or you could look at plugins that create links to bypass WP password-protected pages like this one:


Hi @patrickgeustis

It really depends on how and where that password is stored. Can you expand on the flow and how the password is generated?