Dashboard Menu Item Disappears on Upgrade to 3.3.0

Like the title says… the Tangible menu item disappears from the dashboard after upgrading to 3.3.0. I rolled the plugin back to v.3.2.9 and the menu item reappears.

Do you mean this menu item?


That’s really odd… Do you happen to be working on a multisite? I wonder if permissions on multisite roles might have changed in 3.3.0 although nothing in the changelog indicates a change on that front.

Yes that menu and yes I’m running multisite. thanks.

@ClickRefresh Interesting. Are you viewing the site as a super admin or a regular admin? If you’re viewing it as a regular admin, do you have access to the site as a super admin to see whether the menu disappearing is a role-specific issue?

I’ve just tested this out myself and was able to replicate the issue. Seems this affects all users on a multisite regardless of role. I’m not seeing anything in the commits about multisite behavior changes so I imagine this is a bug of some sort. Interestingly, the page isn’t gone, it’s just hidden from the menu. If you go to yoursite.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=tangible_template you can still access everything in 3.3.0.

Anyway, I’ll report this to a dev and get this addressed as soon as possible.

I was operating as a super admin. I had that same experience, I could access things by going directly to the url and all the templates were still working just fine. I just couldn’t navigate via the dashboard.

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@ClickRefresh This has now been fixed in 3.3.1 :smiley:

Thanks for the follow up.