Display response of REST-API queries

I want to be able to display (open) data from other websites on a WordPress website through REST API queries but I am not a programmer.

I can find information on how to compose GET queries, POST queries etc, but nowhere do I find anything about processing a response within the own WordPress environment, for example within a custom field created with ACF. Or showing response data within an iframe? (I assume these are the 2 possibilities: storing data in custom posts or displaying via an iframe?)

Can this be done with Loops and Logic? Or is there another non-code (or low-code) way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance and for later today, a very happy New Year and a great start to 2023!


I’m not a dev so I can’t really help provide you with resources that would help you achieve this kind of thing, unfortunately. L&L is designed to make it easier to query the WordPress database, but it doesn’t include any tools that would allow you to query other databases via API calls.

I figured I’d at least respond to bump your post for a little extra visibility in case anyone else would have the answer, but you might have better luck asking this in a backend-development-focused community since I’m sure that there must be plenty of other resources to help you get the data into your WordPress site.

Best of luck in figuring this one out and happy new year to you too!

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your response, because after all, “no” is also an answer. :wink:

I am going to dive further into depth (maybe take a plugin development or javascript course after all).

Have a very nice day!

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