Displaying "Additional Fields" from "The Event Calendar Pro" plugin

I can’t find any Loops and Logic documentation discussing how to use the “Additional Fields” in “The Event Calendar Pro.” I suspect this is simple, but I’m stumped.

Hi Michael :slight_smile:

It looks like TEC stores the values for these fields in custom meta with keys like _ecp_custom_2
You should be able to retrieve the values saved to these fields like so: <Field _ecp_custom_2 /> but you may need to check your database post_meta table to find the correct number for the field you’re trying to display (or just keep trying numbers till you get the data you want. The data for every available field type seems to be stored as plain text, with the checkmark type delineating options with a pipe character when multiple options are selected like option 1 | option 2

Hope that helps!

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Thanks!!! I knew it had to be simple.

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