Divisible by a number

I’ve tried using a the math to use check if the loop count is divisible by two but it always returns false

<Math> <Get loop=count /> % 2 == 0 </Math>

is there another way to do this? I want to change the design of an item every 2nd loop

Hi Mark!
I would consider making a customization like this in CSS if that’s feasible for your use-case, using the :nth-child(even) selector.

It doesn’t look like the modulo operator is supported by our math tag. @eliot is this something we could/should add support for?

In the newest plugin version, the Math tag now supports the modulo operator %.

It can be used like this:

<Math><Get loop=count /> % 2</Math>

Currently, the Math tag does not support comparison operators like == and !=, or boolean values (true/false). As a work around, you can set the result into a variable, and use the If tag instead.

<Set remainder><Math><Get loop=count /> % 2</Math></Set>

<If check="{Get remainder}" value="0">
<Else />