Docs content links are broken

It seems there has been an update that has broken many of the links inside the content of the docs. The links in the left-side navigation menu still work.

Click any link under ‘List of dynamic tags’ here:

Hey Phil, it seems you’ve just landed on the wrong domain. The docs and links at work as intended but somehow you landed on

Out of curiosity, how did you land there? I assume you found the link in the forum post I made on here before I had officially launched the new docs? I think that’s the only place I publically shared a link to that domain and in that post, I mentioned that the links wouldn’t work on that domain. In any case, I’ll have to set up a redirect so no one else lands on the wrong domain.

@benjamin I retraced my steps and found the culprit.

Please visit the page below and click on the first link titled filtering the loop or further down the link user loop has the same issue.

Looks like an intermittent issue so might need to check the entire library just in case. :slight_smile:

Aha! Looks like that errant link slipped in while I was adding stuff to the docs. I’ll correct that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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