Documentation improvements

I’ve spent a lot of time using the L&L documentation and to be honest I still find it confusing to navigate.

I think what would help is to segment the tutorials by experience level E.g. beginner, intermediate and advanced.

I also don’t find the top level menu structure very intuitive:

‘Learning Guides’ are all about Dynamic Tags so why not just call this link ‘Dynamic Tags’?

I also think ‘Reference Guides’ and ‘How to Guides’ could be combined for simplicity.

In general I find it hard to know what to click on when I’m trying solve a particular problem. Menu item descriptions could help with this perhaps.

Just my thoughts anyway, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rips I totally agree with you. The only reason I added those to the previous “generation” of docs site was as a way to organize things on the home page of the website.

I hadn’t intended it to be used as the main navigation links, but that structure was just carried over as-is to the new docs platform (Docusaurus). Until today, I hadn’t gotten around to learning my way around the new documentation editing process. It’s all SSH and version control and markdown and other stuff that I, as a non-dev, found pretty scary! :laughing:

Anyway, your post here prompted me to face my fears and after a few CLI commands and runtime errors, I’ve updated the structure of the docs to make that a little better. I think the new structure makes more sense to me, but let me know if you have any additional feedback on any of that.


Thanks very much, looks good to me. :blush: