Documentation search option?

Did the search option in the docs just disappear? It was a real time saver.

We temporarily removed it because there’s a bug that makes all the search result URLs wrong, so once you click through to a page the links off of that page are all broken. We’ll put it back up once that’s resolved.


FYI some of the ‘Examples’ links are also redirecting to a different domain. I’ve noticed this a few times now.

The ‘Example’ link here:

Redirects to:
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Thanks for the heads up, I’ve fixed that for all the example links throughout the docs. Looks like a recent update to the docs platform changed the expected link structure. I don’t think it should affect any of the other internal links but feel free to let me know of any issues you run into and I’ll address them.

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Many internal links had a 404 these last days for me too.
And finding something in L&L without the search engine is pretty difficult given the data density. :wink:

Hey everyone, just following up on this thread to let you all know that the search functionality in the docs is back and the redirect issue that was causing the broken links has been resolved. As always, feel free to post here if you notice any unexpected behavior and we’ll do our best to address it promptly :slight_smile:


A link 404 here:

In the Examples at page bottom:

Hey Emmanuel,

That’s a bad link to that page.
The domain should be
If you visit that same page over here you`ll see the links work:

Could you let us know how you got to the link?
We previously took down the search bar because the search results were redirecting there, but that should be fixed now.

Hi @Tangibleinc,

You’re right, thanks for pointing at the correct doc URL.

No idea why i use a wrong doc link.
L&L doc is always opened in my browser, so i guess this is a link previously saved on my computer at some point.

Sometimes a link looks correct but then it redirects to the wrong domain after clicking it. Maybe you can crawl the docs to extract all links including the redirects and then do a search to find any that still have an issue.