Does anybody need help migrating a complex CCS site?

There are a whole lot of questions coming in about CCS vs L&L, so we’d love to directly help some people with migration on a recorded call so we can make the video available to everyone else that needs help.
If that’s something you’d like to participate in, let us know a bit about your site and what kind of stuff you need moved over!

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I’d be interested in discussing. I doubt you will find a more complex or integrated use of CCS - we used it to create a matching engine between active real estate listings and home plans. CCS is used extensively throughout the site, to run zoning calculations, assess real estate property characteristics, compare those to the characteristics of a home plan, and deliver the appropriate subset of matching plans or listings to the end user. The site is

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That sounds like a great test case David!
Shoot us an email at and let’s book a time to work on this together :slight_smile:

Sent an email but I haven’t heard back - please reach out to me via email at