Editor: Improve light themes

One thing - I’ve noticed the styles have changed and defaults to a dark theme which I find quite hard to read. If you switch it to “Basic Light” some of the elements still have a dark background, but so is the text - eg:

Is there any way to change that?

Looks like Basic Dark and Basic Light both have oddly low contrast in the autocomplete box. Maybe just try a different theme? Espresso or Tomorrow seem like solid light theme options that offer good contrast and readability. Solarized Light also seems like it’d be a good light theme that wouldn’t strain the eyes.

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Hi Matthew, thanks for pointing out the issue with the light theme not working well with some editor interface elements like autocomplete. The issue is being tracked (#55), and hopefully will be improved soon.

Great, thanks for the suggestions and pending fix!

One other thing I’ve noticed - on all of the light themes you can’t see when text has been highlighted. I’m guessing because the highlight is just too light?

OK, I’ve updated the issue #55 to mention that selected text has dark text on dark background also, when using a light theme.

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