Elementor deprive css styles


im using tangible eg.
[template name=content-import post_in=8480]
where 8480 is page with CTA builded in elementor
and it should looke that:

but after import contet it looks that (bottom):

Please help how to solve it.


Hey Jakub! Could you post the template markup your using here? That might make this easier to troubleshoot.

Also, where have you written the CSS that’s supposed to be influencing the style of those pieces of content?

if you asking about content-import template its:

<Loop type=page id="{Get local=post_in}">
  <Field content />

I didnt add any new css - apart from what I set with Elementor builder.
After loop import function its not respecting eg. aligning the whole or formatting the buttons

Oh interesting, I see what you’re doing now, you’re using L&L to render Elementor content from one page onto a different Elementor page. That’s an interesting idea!

I just tested this myself and I noticed an odd behaviour. When I first add the shortcode to embed the content, all the styling shows up correctly, but I’m actually able to click on the embedded content (like the heading or text or buttons) and Elementor lets me edit them. If I save the page and come back to it, the styling is removed. I wonder if this bug might have something to do with Elementor being confused because it’s finding embedded Elementor content on its page that it didn’t put there. Or something like that.

Anyway, I’ll pass this along to the devs to see what they can do. Thanks for reporting this!

Super. Hope so you will find solution. This can be frequent situation … in my plans it is frequent idea :slight_smile:

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