Error after updating to version 3.1.3

Hi. I am using Kadence pro theme and I have made a Kadence element which replaces post loop item on archive page and this element’s post id is “211”.

In Kadence element I have added tangible template with following code:

<a class="questiontxt" href="{Field url}"><Field title /></a>
<If field="op_a" exists>
    <div class="option a{Field opok}"><div class="ans_text"><Field op_a /></div></div>

   <If field="op_b" exists>
<div class="option b{Field opok}">
<div class="ans_text"><Field op_b /></div></div>

  <If field="op_c" exists>
<div class="option c{Field opok}">
<div class="ans_text"><Field op_c /></div></div>
<If field="op_d" exists>
<div class="option d{Field opok}">
<div class="ans_text"><Field op_d /></div></div>
<If field="op_e" exists>
<div class="option e{Field opok}">
<div class="ans_text"><Field op_e /></div></div>

When I was using 3.1.2 version of loop&logic, above code displayed post title and custom fields of current post item of archive page but after updating to 3.1.3, it displays title and link of kadence element which has post id as “211”. In other words, in version 3.1.2 data of loop item is displayed and in version 3.1.2 data of kadence element is displayed.

Hi @zakir786lrk, interesting, I’ve got a dev to look into this. We’ll have to familiarize ourselves with how Kadence elements work and why there might be a conflict there. I’ll follow up here when there’s more info about what might be going on here.