Excerpt with length

I’m working on transitioning from your old plugin (Custom Content Shortcode).

I’m having trouble with one of the loops when using . Excerpt worked just fine with the Custom Content Shortcode version. If excerpt is no longer available, is there a way to set length of text displayed in conjunction with content ?



If you’d like to auto-generate the excerpt from post content, here is some documentation about it: https://loop.tangible.one/tags/loop/post#excerpt

<Field excerpt auto=true words=55 />

Thanks that worked.
I’m running into a similar issue with the title. From the original plugin I was using this…
[field title-link length=“50”]

But can’t seem to replicate the functionality with L&L.

I’ve tried using the following as well as placing the 5 in quotes.

Is this even possible?

Thanks Again,


Hi Sammy! You should be able to wrap your title tag (or any other tag) in a <Format> tag to trim it to a certain number of characters:

<a href="{Field url}">
  <Format length=50>
    <Field title />

Here’s the documentation for the Format tag

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