Feature Request: Admin Widgets

If I am not mistaken, I believe it would be fairly easy to include the script to add custom widgets to the admin dashboard. It would be really cool if we could use L&L to create custom widgets, similar to adding widgets to e.g. the sidebar.

I know I can use a plugin til enable custom admin widgets that takes an shortcode (I havn’t tested how L&L templates would be rendered in the admin dashboard however), but most of them feels like overkill.

Just a thought :smile:

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Hey Mikkel, thanks for the feedback! I can see how that would be useful in order to create a back-end reporting dashboard or something in the WP admin using L&L to process data.

I’ll float the idea by the team and see what we can do. At the moment we’re sorta leapfrogging that idea, so instead of implementing a way to just render L&L templates in the admin dashboard, we’re looking into the possibility of allowing the controls from Tangible Blocks to be rendered outside the builder, potentially in the admin dashboard eventually. It’s all still being tested and our first priority is to allow Tangible Blocks controls to transcend the limitation of builder controls, but we’re at least building the foundation that might allow backend control interfaces to be built using L&L in the future.

I’ve added your request to our feature request board. I think there are some SSO issues that are limiting people’s ability to log in there and make/upvote feature requests so I’ll update this thread if that feature request gets approved/released.

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