Feature request: Pagination - Loop offset


in the old custom content shortcode was an option to offset a loop by a certain number of item.

Are there any plans to get that feature in L&L?

The use case is a page whit multiple loops and paginations. With the current approach only one pagination is working properly on a page as there is now way to link a pagination to a loop.
(In CCS you could give a loop a name and use that to link a pagination)

So I ended up to build a ajax call to load more content on a page - what works pretty nicely with the template functionality of L&L.

The only downside is, that due to the missing offset I have to collect all ids of already shown items on a loop to pass them to be excluded from the loop from the template re-called by ajax.

There a offset would be pretty handy, as I only would have to send the offset value to the re-called template instead of a list of ids.

The paged approach within L&L Loops would be helpful, as I would be able to pass the page number and control the offset, but its adding a bunch of unneeded js even I do not use pagination buttons on the page.

So there are two options for the feature to be realized:

  1. Add an offset variable for loops.
  2. Only write the additional js if the pagination buttons are really used. In this case the current paged feature in combination with the page number could do the trick.

Thanks for the feedback! At the same time as the dev team has been considering the addition of first/last navigation buttons to pagination and the ability to put pagination buttons before a loop, we’ve been tossing around ideas related to overall improvements for the pagination functionality and one of the most important things were trying to improve may be named loops so that we can associate pagination with a loop to make pagination a lot more flexible, especially when doing things like you’re suggesting where you have multiple paginated loops. I could see loop offsetting being useful too so I’ve created a feature request for that too. I’ll update this thread as progress is made on those features.