Feature request: simple frontend searching and filtering

Hi all!

I tried adding this as a feature request, but the login functionality for that is broken.

I’ve moved from Toolset Views, which was deprecated some time ago, to Loops & Logic and it has just been great. One thing I’m missing is the option to filter and search in the frontend, something that Toolset Views did brilliantly. I hope you will consider adding this functionality to Loops & Logic. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Tim,

I agree those features are really useful in combination with L&L.
They are however far from simple and are entire product categories on their own that would require a similar amount of effort as L&L to implement and maintain.
Most search plugins are not very scalable and those that are have to do some rather complex and risky optimizations to get there.
The good ones rely on 3rd party services that can be rather expensive, like Algolia or ElasticSearch.
We’ve been internally workshopping various approaches but so far there’s nothing that wouldn’t come with serious drawbacks or require a massive investment.

In the meantime you might be interested in using a 3rd party system for this such as FacetWP, which you can learn about using with L&L over here: How to use Loops & Logic with FacetWP | Loops & Logic

Other 3rd party systems will likely work in similar ways too.

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Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for the detailed explanation!

I understand the complexities involved in integrating such features. A possible solution might be to provide a more “native” integration with these third party filtering plugins and solutions. A paid extension that provides this functionality might be an interesting option too. Just thinking out loud here. :wink:

Besides all that, I appreciate all your hard work to make Loops & Logic happen. It’s pretty great already as it is. :slightly_smiling_face: