Format length by word


Is there a way to format a text not by characters count but by words ? Something like this :

<Format words=10>some text</Format>

Thank you !

Surprisingly, Format words doesn’t exist yet in the available format methods of the Format tag.

For the next version of L&L, we’re currently adding a new set of attributes for more flexible formatting. We’ll make sure to add words to trim by word count.

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Great thanks Eliot. Do you have any idea of the next release date with this feature ?

I made you a quick example of how to you can do it with javascript until the ‘words’ feature is released.

See here: Concatenate strings

Let me know if you need help with implementing it :smile:

This is an interesting piece of code. Thanks Mikkel, i’ll try it :slight_smile:

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The “words” attribute for format tag has been released today. Thanks L&L team, you’re the best :wink: