Frontend Post Submission

Hi, I wanted to know if there is any way to make a post submission form which allows users to submit posts to my blog/website from frontend.

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Not with L&L as there is no way to save data or posts with L&L.

But you can check out this plugin

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To add to what Ralf mentioned, most decent form plugins (Gravity Forms, WS Forms, etc.) will allow you to do this. No need to install a plugin exclusively for front-end content editing.

I used WS Forms on an L&L project recently and while the UI is a bit cluttered, it worked really nicely and I was able to use L&L queries and redirects to control who could edit which pieces of content.

Thank you both. I already use Gravity Forms for frontend submission purpose. I was just wondering if it was possible with L&L.

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I have been using Formidable Forms for this purpose, and while it has many great features, the plugin’s codebase is unsuitable for multi-site development. I will probably switch to Gravity Forms.

I was not aware of Frontend Admin despite many searches for such a plugin. Issues with the current state of search engines make it hard to find good open-source solutions.

One of my biggest concerns with WordPress’s current direction is the focus on developing a complex page builder instead of making It easier for normal people to post content. I think they will come to regret the huge effort spent on Gutenberg.

We should not need plugins to create simple interfaces for users to post content. WordPress should always be about making it easier to post content. :roll_eyes: