Gravity Forms Entries

Wondering if anyone has built anything that kinda replicates what Gravity View does? I’m testing GV now and for the most part it looks great. Just running into a few limitations so thought I’d see if I could fill in the gaps with L&L. Nothing specific to ask just yet as I’m still learning what GV can do but if anyone has worked with entries I’d love to hear your experiences. :grinning:

I’m pretty sure Gravity Forms stores its data in a custom table, so it couldn’t work straight out of the box with L&L and needs to be custom-developed. The good news is that we’re actually working on a Gravity Forms integration that will be included in the pro version of L&L. Those pro integrations can be tried out through our Tangible Blocks beta and we’ve actually already built a few proof-of-concept examples with it here. Lots of cool stuff in the pipeline!

Thank you! Looks like we’re going with Gravity View but looking forward to checking out the pro version when it’s released. Have joined the waitlist. :grinning:

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