Gravity forms parsing html

Hi guys,

I have a question which somebody here may be able to help with, I am getting email content using imap and storing in a variable which I then send via an incoming webhook to gravity forms.

This all works correctly except the html content wen it makes it to gravity fields it displays the html code, I would rather this parsed the HTML, when in WP I click on the visual/text option and copy the code and post the update it then displays correctly.

Any ideas appreciated.



Hi Tom, could you describe what part L&L is playing in your process here and maybe share a part of your template that’s not displaying HTML content the way you’d like? It would be helpful to see what data your field contains so that I can understand what the expected vs actual output is. We have a native Gravity Forms integration on the way so that might be part of the solution here, but without more detail about where L&L fits into this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to replicate this.