Graviy Forms Loop limit?

Hi All,

I am lucky enough to be testing the Gravity Forms integration and seem to have found an issue that my loop stops showing results after a certain number.

<Table per_page=25 sort=title sort_order=asc>
     <input type="text"  action="search"  columns="uat_from"   placeholder="Search"  >
    <Col name=uat_id sort_type=string>ID</Col>
    <Col name=uat_date sort_type=string>Date</Col>
    <Col name=uat_from sort_type=string>From</Col> 
    <Col name=ar_page sort_type=string>Location</Col>
    <Col name=ar_issue sort_type=string>Issue/Change</Col>
    <Col name=ar_description sort_type=string>Description</Col>
    <Col name=ar_status sort_type=string>Status</Col>
  <RowLoop type=gravity_form_entry form_id="14">
  <If field=4 value="New">
      <Field entry_id/>
  <Field entry_date_created />
    <Loop type=user id="{Field entry_created_by}">
  <Field full_name />
     <Field 6/>
     <Field 1/>
     <Field 3/>
<Field 4/>
    Page <Field current /> of <Field total />
    <p>No Issues / Changes found</p>


It currently only shows 16 results - wondering if its something obvious in my code I have missed or whether there is a limit?

It appears that it is not a limit to results, so looking at other potential reasons.

This was tested by chaning the staus of a number of entries and the new entries still not showing

Hey Chris, I’m not really sure exactly what the cause might be and it’s tricky to troubleshoot without using your test environment/data, but I wonder if it might be related to pagination. Do all the results show if you remove the pagination tags/attributes?

One other thing to try would be to get rid of your If tag and if all the results get displayed when you do that, then maybe your conditional logic is to blame. You might try just rendering field=4 for all your gravity form items to confirm that all the ones you’re trying to display do in fact have a value of “New” since if there’s a difference in spelling/spacing/capitalization in that value on some of the posts you’re trying to display, that could be another cause for things not displaying.

You mentioned in your follow-up that you don’t think it’s actually limiting your results, so feel free to follow up here with what you discover during your testing if you’re still stumped.

By the way, the indentation on your template makes it a bit difficult to see at a glance what’s inside vs outside your If tag. Selecting your whole template and using shift+tab auto-indents things which might help make your markup a bit easier to see what’s going on. Just thought I’d make that suggestion in case you weren’t aware of that shortcut!

Hi Benjamin, thanks for the shift+tab for auto-indents - I was not aware and a great little tool.

I have removed the IF and Pagination tags but still not getting all results. I will try on a different form to see if I am getting the same issue

Ok I may have just found something here. I hadn’t played around much with the Table tag since it’s still an experimental feature and isn’t thoroughly documented. I noticed in the Gravity Forms entry documentation that there’s a query argument called page_size that is set to 20 by default. What happens if you increase the value of that argument in your RowLoop?

That did it - amazing :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

I have increased it to 500 which works for now, but will post back here with a code snippet that can be used to overide the limit if needed by others in the future.

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