Gravty Forms - no results showing

I am using the example in the following docs:

Slightly amended:

 <Table per_page=3 sort=title sort_order=desc>

        <input type="text"  action="search"  columns="entry_id,user,entry_date"
         placeholder="Search"  >

      <Col name=entry_id sort_type=string>Entry ID</Col>
      <Col name=user sort_type=string>User</Col>
      <Col name=entry_date sort_type=string>Entry Date</Col>

    <RowLoop  type=gravity_form_entry form_id = "[2]">
      <Field id />
      <Loop type="user" id="{Field created_by}">
        <Field full_name /><br/>
      <Field date_created />

      Page <Field current /> of <Field total />

      <p>Oh No Empty</p>


But I don’t get any results showing.

Am I missing something, is there a setting I am not switching on?

Hey Chris, the Gravity Forms integration for L&L is still a work in progress and will be released in an upcoming premium add-on. You can sign up here to get notified when that plugin launches.

Thanks have signed up - is there an ETA?

We’re beta testing it right now and things are looking good. I’d like to say in the next couple months we’ll be able to make an announcement but a lot of things are still up in the air.

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happy to be a tester if it’s of use?

Sure, if you’d like! We’re actually testing this with our Tangible Blocks beta users so if you’re interested in giving that a spin and eventually building/selling blocks for our cloud marketplace, you could check that out and sign up here.

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done :slight_smile:

Thanks, looking forward to it