How / Can L&L be used with ACF & Custom Post Types in a WPBakery block?

I want to use ACF and CPTs to render the output on the page by using a WPBakery block. Is this possible with L&L? I need to drop it in the middle of the other WPBakery blocks on the page.

Hi Tim! I’ve never used WPBakery myself, but a quick search seems to indicate that it supports shortcodes so you could render L&L templates using shortcodes anywhere where shortcodes are supported in WPBakery. Here’s a little guide explains the various ways to render L&L templates on a page and while there’s not currently a native WPBakery block that allows you to write templates inline on your page, you can refer to the “displaying a saved template with the [template] shortcode” section which would work in your case. Let me know if you have any other questions about how that works!

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Thank you for your response. It never occurred to me to use a shortcode. I suppose it’s because I’m not used to building pages with blocks. I’ve never even created a shortcode before, so it was a great learning experience for me. LSS, I was able to complete the requirement due to your guidance, and I thank you for that.