How to modify the <Field content />?

Hello! Can you please help me how to display the content with limitation?

I want to wrap the content into 3 paragraphs.

<Field content /> - this code is only to display the whole content of a post.

Thank you in advance for the response.

Hey @cdmojt, great question. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t a ton of content formatting/parsing tools built into L&L yet, but I’m sure there will be some in the future. I could imagine it being useful to manipulate <Field content /> to get headings and stuff for a dynamic table of contents or do as you’re doing to get a certain number of paragraphs. There’s already a feature request called ‘Content “split" with search/replace’ that seems like it would fit the use case you’re describing, but you might try adding a comment to that describing how you’d use that kind of feature.

Until that feature gets implemented, I think your best bet would simply be something like this:

<Format length=300>
  <Field content />

This works based on characters so you couldn’t cleanly cut things off at the end of a paragraph, but if cutting things off after a certain number of characters works for now, this could be a temporary solution until the format split feature gets implemented.

Hope that’s helpful!

Edit: I added a note to the feature request describing your use case.

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