Identifier '$'..." errors

Since version 4.0.0 and 4.0.1, I have these errors on all my sites…
As a result, paginations no longer work for example…

Until version 3.3.1 I had no problems.

I saw below that there could be problems with Slick but I have websites with or without Slick.

If I go back to version 3.3.1 no more problems.

How can I provide information to help with the problem?

Thanks for the info, we’ve passed this along to the dev team to take a look and we’ll get back to you


I am also getting these same site errors since 4.0.1, particularly with the Gravity Forms Signature Add on and the conflict renders the signature add-on unusable.

Can provide if required. Let me know.

I’m told that a fix for this should be released imminently :smile:

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Is this related to the jQuery issues I encountered while testing the beta?

If so, I made some changes to my jQuery scripts, as advised by Elliott, and I’d like to make sure the next update won’t break things again.


Hi Phil, the update will not interfere with the changes I recommended for the other issue. The issues were not related, having different causes - but the solution was the same, to make sure that the jQuery alias $ is only defined in a local scope, not globally.

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Thank you very much, it works now!!!

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