Info : Beaver Builder shortcodes needs update 3.1.3

For some reasons, I used to put some Beaver Builder Themer shortcodes directly in a Tangible template - outside of a <Loop></Loop> - like this :

[wpbb post:acf type='text' name='custom_field_name']

This helped me to save some Beaver Themer custom layout and use them everywhere I need.

Since the 3.1.3 release, this doesn’t work anymore :frowning: I need to add systematically
the L&L shortcode tag around my BB shortcode :

<Shortcode>[wpbb post:acf type='text' name='instruction_contenu']</Shortcode>

Just to let you know about this regression.

Hey Guillaume, that’s an interesting use case, I hadn’t heard of people using L&L as a kind of storage spot for their Beaver Themer layouts. Pretty creative!

When I take a look at the docs about how shortcodes are supposed to work in L&L, it seems that in order to render shortcodes inside a template, it’s always been necessary (or at least officially recommended) to use the <Shortcode> tag. This seems to be echoed in Eliot’s own recommendations from an old thread on the forum:

So it seems that the jump to 3.1.3 hasn’t so much introduced a “regression” as much as it now enforces a syntax that has always been documented and recommended. The fact that your templates used to work as expected seems to be the real surprise here.

I’ll still ask a dev about this to clarify why the change was made in the latest version and whether there was a reason that this seemed to work before. I’ll let you know what I hear back. But in any case, it’s probably best to stick with the syntax mentioned in the docs.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything about this issue you’re reporting :slight_smile:

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Thanks Benjamin, I’ll change my old habits to use L&L in the proper way :slight_smile:
All is fine :+1:

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Hi Guillaume,

We conferred with the dev team and now have 100% confirmation that shortcodes were never intended to work outside the shortcode tag and that it was in fact a bug caused by how Gutenberg runs shortcode processing on the entire page after blocks are rendered, which elsewhere actually corrupts valid HTML and JSON so we had to prevent this from happening by enforcing our stricter syntax.

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Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the confirmation. FYI, I do not use Gutenberg but Beaver Builder / Themer and Powerpack addons for Beaver Builder.

It should be fine now. Best, Guillaume