Info : Beaver Builder shortcodes needs update 3.1.3

Hey Guillaume, that’s an interesting use case, I hadn’t heard of people using L&L as a kind of storage spot for their Beaver Themer layouts. Pretty creative!

When I take a look at the docs about how shortcodes are supposed to work in L&L, it seems that in order to render shortcodes inside a template, it’s always been necessary (or at least officially recommended) to use the <Shortcode> tag. This seems to be echoed in Eliot’s own recommendations from an old thread on the forum:

So it seems that the jump to 3.1.3 hasn’t so much introduced a “regression” as much as it now enforces a syntax that has always been documented and recommended. The fact that your templates used to work as expected seems to be the real surprise here.

I’ll still ask a dev about this to clarify why the change was made in the latest version and whether there was a reason that this seemed to work before. I’ll let you know what I hear back. But in any case, it’s probably best to stick with the syntax mentioned in the docs.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything about this issue you’re reporting :slight_smile:

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