Integration with more Custom Field plugins - Meta Box, JetEngine

Thanks for your wonderful plugin!

My suggestion is to integrate with the other two Custom Field plugins:
ACF (Pro) ist very popular, we all know that. But similar solutions like Meta Box and JetEngine (by Crocoblock) have pretty much the same feature set as ACF (Pro) but can do even more.

It would be awesome to have both supported in the base Loops & Logic plugin!

Thanks in advance!

P.S Wanted to post that on your “Feature Requets” page but it didn’t let me do that!

Thanks for the suggestion David and welcome to the community! We’ve got so many integrations we want to build and connecting L&L with more custom field plugins is certainly a goal at some point in the future. For now, you can still reference the data in fields created with Meta Box or JetEngine using the Field tag if you simply need to reference the value of your custom fields, but a future integration would allow you to do things like loop through a field that contains an array of values. It’s on our radar.

Out of curiosity, what was happening that didn’t allow you to create a feature request? You’d need to create an account or sign in first but given that you’re posting on this forum, it seems you’ve already done that. We want everyone to be able to make feature requests so let me know if there’s anything blocking you from that.

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