Internal server errors when using formatted date fields

Currently there seems to be a bug with formatted dates. I can’t say if this was caused by the latest update or if it existed before, but the usage of the following tags causes internal server errors or fatal crashes on my site:

<Field publish_date date_format="F j, Y" />


<Format date="Y-m-d">
	<Field publish_date />

I have already tried disabling all other plugins and enabling the default Twenty Twenty-Three theme to avoid compatibility issues, but to no avail. The error remains and Gutenberg won’t even let me save a page when I use one of the above examples.

In Elementor I can save the page as long as the formatted date field is loaded onto the page with a template, but doing so crashes the frontend.

Not sure if it’s important, but these are my used site settings for date and time:
Date format: Y-m-d
Time format: H:i

I did some research and found out that this error is related to PHP version 8.2. As soon as i switch to 8.1 the bug is gone.

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Thanks for the time you spent researching the issue! We’ll forward this to our dev team and get a fix released as soon as we can :slight_smile:

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