Is It Possible to Output the Modified Author?

Is it possible to output functions such as:


Or is there an equivalent in L&L?

Hi Matthew!
You can’t run PHP snippets directly in L&L, but you could create a shortcode that runs the function and place the shortcode in L&L.

@eliot the_modified_author() is a core WP function to get the author of the most recent modification to a post. Maybe this is something we could add support for, structured like the existing author fields <Field modified_author /> and <Field modified_author_* />?

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Ok thanks. It would be good if it could be included in L&L, but not the end of the world if not.

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If you’re referring to adding PHP snippets, we won’t be doing that as it’s a pretty big security concern, but the modified author field sounds like a great addition!

Yeah I just meant if the modified author field could be included, that would be useful!

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Hi @baldidiot, looks like the modified_author field is now available in the latest release of L&L :smiley:

Should be included in the docs as well shortly.

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