Is there a way to check that everything create in CCS will work in L&L

Is there a way to know if code written in the old CCS plugin will work properly in L&L? I have some complicated sites, some that use external template files that are included in posts, and I want to make sure everything will work.

Hi Philip, thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, all CCS shortcodes will need to be converted to equivalent L&L tags, and placed in a template post. The only shortcode that L&L implements is [template] to load a template post.

It was a necessary design decision, to create the new template system free from the limitations of shortcodes - but it’s too bad that the migration will require manual effort.

The two plugins can co-exist, so I would recommend installing L&L and gradually convert existing use of shortcodes. If you need any help or have questions, I’ll be happy to help in the forums.

Perhaps a guide to transitioning from CCS to L&L would be helpful?

The question for me now is how to identify all the pages containing CCS code to be converted in a site…

Have a look at this plugin, it found all my CCS shortcodes when I tested it out.


Yes, great, thanks for sharing! :wink: