Is there any way to remove html tags from a Field when outputting

We have to use HTML tags to highlight an author name in bold, but we also want to pass the title of the post to a form which generates a PDF Certificate including the title of the post. We don’t want the tags included in the output.{Field title} currently outputs{b}Tamara%20Grubb{/b}

Is there any way to filter out HTML tags in L&L before passing the {Field title} to the URL?

As far as I know, the only sanitize option in L&L right now is the as yet undocumented <Format slug></Format> tag, which will strip out html tags, convert to lowercase and replace spaces with dashes:{Format slug}{Field title}{/Format}

Can you make that work for your application? Otherwise I think the closest you can get to your current output is by also using a replace and url_query format tag, but your capitalization will be lost:

<Set course_title_param><Format url_query><Format replace="-" with=" "><Format slug><Field title /></Format></Format></Format></Set>{Get course_title_param}
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Hi Julia,


Thank you so much. The second option worked perfectly. I am using an all-caps style on the PDF generation, so it doesn’t matter about the capitalisation.


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Hi again @julia .

We have another slight issue where occasionally there is a special character in the title (e.g. Ö).

This is being converted to and physiotherapy in the management of chronic pain with may r


mer bartels

Is there a way to prevent special characters being converted to Unicode?

Hi Craig! Since Julia last responded to this post, there’s been a new remove_html feature added to the Format tag that’s specifically designed to remove HTML tags instead of using the somewhat hacky Format url_query approach that was suggested earlier which is what’s converting things to Unicode. So I imagine if your goal is still just to remove HTML tags, you should be able to do that with something like this:

<Set course_title_param><Format slug><Format remove_html><Field title /></Format></Format></Set>{Get course_title_param}

Let me know if that works!

Hi Benjamin.

Many thanks for that info. I have successfully used the following to achieve the result I was looking for…

<Set course_title_param><Format remove_html><Format replace="-" with=" "><Format slug><Field title /></Format></Format></Format></Set><a href="{Get course_title_param}"></a>

Hope all these Format options will be added to the documentation soon :wink:.

Awesome, glad that worked for you!

Sure thing! The Format remove_html feature was added to the docs when the feature was released last month in version 3.2.1. I wasn’t aware of that Format slug option that Julia mentioned until I read this thread so I’ve gone ahead and added it to the docs as well!

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Best of luck with L&L!

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Thank you so much for the assistance. And to the whole team for creating such an amazingly powerful plugin.

I have just added a ★★★★★ review

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