Is there any way to switch one tangible template with other using JS

Hello there,
I want to make a toggle button which can be used to switch between two tangible templates by using JS. I coudnt figure out this.

Hi Zakir, I’ve asked a similar question before and you can read the reply here:

I achieved my work by using Switch and when by adding and removing query from URL. I have used links to switch from one template to another, so that it can also refresh the page.

<a href="?type=QUIZ"> Quiz MODE</a><hr>
<a href={Url}> READ MODE</a>
<Switch check="{Url query=type}">
  <When value=QUIZ />
                   <Template id=176 />
                    <When />
                    <Template id=232 />

That’s a smart solution as it allows any template to be changed on the page with a simple click and refresh. :slight_smile:

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