Issue with the pagination of an archive taxonomy page

I’m trying to redesign the archive page of a custom taxonomy called Topic created with ACF.

I created a layout that I apply to the taxonomy archive.

Inside the layout, I display the title of all posts that have this taxonomy through a standard loop, following the trick described in this page:

<Loop><Field title /></Loop>

and it works perfectly.

However, no more than 10 posts get displayed at any time. This number is defined in the WordPress Reading Settings as the following screenshot illustrates:

I’m OK with that number, but I need to render the pagination controls.

I tried to add <PaginateButtons /> to my layout, but it’s ignored.

Then, I tried to add paged=10 to the default loop:

<Loop paged=10><Field title /></Loop>

If I do this, curiously, the posts stop being filtered by the taxonomy of the archive page, and I instead get a list of ALL posts in the database.

Not sure what’s the best way to proceed and I’d appreciate some help.

Thank you

Hi there!

We don’t really have a good workaround for this, asides from defining the loop manually.

<Loop field=archive_term>
  <Set term_id><Field id /></Set>
<Loop type=taxonomy_term taxonomy=my-tax id="{Get term_id}" paged=10></Loop><PaginateButtons />

We are hoping to improve the default functionality and enhance the Pagination buttons, but we don’t have a timeline for that yet.