Issues with saving Templates

  1. More often than not, when I’m editing a template normally and click update, the update button says saved briefly, then back to update. However, if try to close that template without making any further changes, I get the message:
Leave site?
Changes you made may not be saved.

I’m using the current version of Chrome.

I mentioned that in another post and the behavior was confirmed by avanti.

  1. Also, if I leave a template open on my browser for a while (esp. overnight), then start editing it, everything looks like it is saving, however none of the edits are actually being saved.

I’m guessing something has expired (nonce ?) which happens with other WordPress pages, but they all give an indication that I need to refresh the page. Without that, it can be frustrating to run tests that aren’t actually running.

Hi @RichardC, my apologies for the slow response here. We’ve been focussing our efforts on a major plugin restructure over the past month or so but I wanted to follow up here to let you know that we’re working on addressing this behaviour of the AJAX save action that you’re noticing. I’m told by the developers that this AJAX save feature was designed to improve the editing experience compared to the classic post save action that reloads the page every time it’s saved. However, we’re re-evaluating our approach to this based on user feedback like yours, so expect this to be addressed in a future update. We’ve got this thread noted down so we’ll try to update things here once the update that addresses this is released.

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Still the same issue for me too, as i also mentioned in another ticket by @RichardC about the difficulty to change a template slug.
I think this non WP standard Ajax Save brings confusion, moreover it doesn’t reflect a slug change, i have to reload the page anyway. :wink:

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Hi @RichardC and @avanti, we’ve disabled AJAX saving in the latest release of L&L, which should resolve the issues described in this thread. We’ll continue working on a long-term solution to this so that we can reenable AJAX saving without these issues in the future for added convenience. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Good news, thank you for having taken that into account! :grinning: